How People Mature is your Start-Up?


What makes a start-up mature? Business maturity brings to mind rigour, stability & predictability. In my learning it’s managing the juxtaposition of the innovative, blue-sky, and unconventional aspects of a start-up against the need for organisational diligence. The success of managing the above dictates how well the business scales and meets it’s organisational vision.

The people can make or break the small start-up: one culturally misaligned employee or one poor performer can have a much greater impact on customer satisfaction and employee engagement than a rogue employee in a larger business.

What I am interested in is how start-ups make themselves mature from a people & culture perspective. I tried to answer this with one of my Bazaarvoice colleagues recently and I was particularly fascinated to hear about his experiences of the culture ups and downs in the Bazaarvoice journey. At Bazaarvoice we describe ourselves as a ‘mature start-up’ now at 10 years of age, and we’re on a path to people maturity. Our discussion inspired me to pick up a (figurative) pen and write this post.

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Learning in a New Dimension: Using Virtual Reality in Business


I attended my first TEDx event last weekend at TEDxEastEnd in London. It was a privilege to listen to such a variety of incredible people speak about big ideas, such as:

  • Mobile technology bringing modern healthcare to rural Africa
  • The global issue of Honour Violence – violent acts committed to defend the honour of a family or community
  • How global open source satellite networks are revolutionising responses to disasters
  • Cultural intelligence, and why we need this in a globally interconnected world

One presentation struck me in particular. It was delivered by David Sackman, the CEO of a company that develops Virtual Reality (VR) technology. VR is a computer generated simulation of a three-dimensional environment, which can be explored and interacted with by the user. The user wears a special electronic helmet/mask that has a screen on the inside and noise-cancelling headphones. These products are becoming more and more accessible today as we make technological advances and as the technology becomes cheaper. Continue reading