Violence & Attention-Seeking Behaviour in Business


I watched an inspiring TED Talk from a Brazilian filmmaker, Julia Bacha, who was questioning why we only pay attention to violence in the Israel-Palestine conflict, and not to the nonviolent leaders who may one day bring peace to the region. For the last 8 years from her 2011 talk, she has dedicated her life to documenting the work of Israelis and Palestinians who are trying to end the conflict using peaceful means. She uses the case of a town called Budrus, who launched a successful peaceful resistance campaign against Israel to prevent them from building a wall on top of their village, which would have resulted in them losing 40% of their land, as well as free access to the rest of the West Bank.

She believes that unless we pay attention to nonviolent efforts, they become invisible – as if they never happened. But she has also seen first hand that if we do pay attention, they will multiply, which means their influence will grow in the overall conflict. Her vision is to give them attention so they can prove nonviolence works everywhere. Continue reading